Collection of Articles “Art and the Holocaust: Reflections for the Common Future”

Collection of Articles “Art and the Holocausts: Reflections for the Common Future” follow the conference in Riga in July of 2019, and it contains the articles that were presented at the conference.

The full text


Artists’ Attitudes Towards the Holocaust Experience: Tadeusz Bornstein, Gela Seksztajn and Alexander Bogenby Magdalena Tarnowska

Artists under the Care of their ‘Patrons’ in the Warsaw and Lodz Ghettos. The Case of Maximilian Eljowicz and Yitskhok Braunerby Irmina Gadowska and Teresa Śmiechowska

Through the Eyes of Witnesses: Visual Evidence of the Ghetto Life in Vilnius and Kaunas During World War IIby Giedrė Jankevičiūtė 

Visual Art as a Supplementary Source for Holocaust Studies: the Case of the Kaunas, by Vilma Gradinskaite

Photographic Archives in the Works of Contemporary Art. Using the Stroop Report as a Source of Artistic Expressionby Eleonora Jedlińska

The (Im)probability of the Shoah Images: the Case Study of Boris Lurieby Eckhart J. Gillen

Images of the Holocaust in East German Art (1949‒1989), by Jenny Gaßer and Katrin Schmidt