Synagogues in Latvia: Architectural Historian’s View

It’s our pleasure to invite you to attend
on April 25 (Tue), at 18:00, at the museum “Jews in Latvia” the lecture by Dr. Sergey R. Kravtsov (Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University in Jerusalem)
“Synagogues in Latvia: Architectural Historian’s View”
In his lecture, Dr. Kravtsov will give an overview of issues, related to synagogue architecture in Latvia, dealing both with architectural as well as social history of the buildings. He will discuss influence of different architectural tendencies and styles of XIX-XX century on synagogue design, as well as impact of individual architects, art historians and even construction engineers. This lecture would serve as an introduction to the collection of essays on Latvian synagogues, that are planned for publication by Center of Jewish Art at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem this summer.
Dr. Sergey R. Kravtsov is a Research Fellow at the Center for Jewish Art, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, he was trained as an architect at the Lviv Polytechnic University. He received his doctoral degree in architectural history from the Institute for the Theory and History of Architecture in Moscow in 1993, and moved to Israel in 1994. Some of his recent books, both monographs and co-authored, include Synagogues in Lithuania: A Catalogue, 2 vols (Vilnius: Lithuanian Institute for History of Art, 2010-2012), Synagogues in Ukraine: Volhynia, 2 vols. (Jerusalem: Center For Jewish Art & Zalman Shazar Center, 2017), In the Shadow of Empires: Synagogue Architecture in East Central Europe (Weimar: Grunberg Verlag, 2018).
The lecture will be held IN ENGLISH. The recording will be later available at the museum’s YouTube channel.