Memoirs about Jewish history in Latvia – life, professional activities, political activities, public activities and participation in historical events.

Memoirs and testimonies from the Nazi-occupation period, mostly by Holocaust survivors but also memoirs of Jewish rescuers and their companions, have a special place in the museum’s collection, such as the well-known Holocaust memoirs of Elmar Rivosh, Valentina Freimane and Edward Anders.

Some Memoirs include the experience of Holocaust survivors from all around the European continent who were imprisoned in Latvia.


Due to historical circumstances – war and totalitarian dictatorships, open and objective diaries are a rarity and therefore form a small range from the museum’s collection. Some diaries of Jewish students from the early 20th century and interwar period have survived. Among the diaries of the Second World War period is the diary of Sheina Gram, a Jewish schoolgirl from Preili, written in Preili from June 26, 1941 to August 8, 1941.