Jewish Medics in Latvia

1.Surgeon Lev Hnoh in front of the medical sanitary battalion on September 5, 1942. Lev Hnoh (1912-1984) was a surgeon, and since 1935 he has been an assistant to Vladimir Minz (1872-1945) at the Riga Jewish Hospital “Bikur Holim”. During World War II, Hnoh was commander and chief surgeon of the Medical Sanitary Battalion. After the war, he returned to Riga and worked at the Riga 1st Hospital, became a professor, and from 1966 lead the Department of Hospital Surgery of the Riga Medical Institute.

2. Professor of Surgery Vladimir Munch after a surgery. Vladimirs Mincs (16.09.1872, Daugavpils – February 1945, Buchenwald) was a Latvian surgeon and public figure. Professor of surgery at Moscow University (1918-1920) and University of Latvia (1940-1941). After the assassination of Lenin in August 1918, Professor Mints underwent surgery. From 1924, Mincs lead the surgical department of Bikur cholim, a Jewish hospital in Riga. In 1941 he was imprisoned in the Riga ghetto, where he established a hospital in 1943. After refusing to perform surgery on three Nazi officers, Mincu was transferred to the Riga Imperial Forest Concentration Camp, but in 1944 was deported to Buchenwald, where he died in February 1945.

3. Nurses of the Bikur Holim Jewish Hospital.

4. The staff of the hospital “Bikur Holim”, 1927. Middle – cardiologist, hospital manager Isaks Joffe.

5. Bikur-Holim nurses before the war.

6. Senior nurse in the Krecker ward.

7. Bikur-Holim nurses, 1940