Jewish sports life during the interwar period in Latvia

1. Sports Festival of the Jewish National Foundation (Keren Kajemet Leisrael) in Riga, 1929

2. Daugavpils Jewish youth football team, 1920s-30s

3. The Jewish football team.

4. Members of the Riga “Maccabi” club with the leaders of the sports association. In the 2nd row, 4th from the right, is Kēlmans – one of the leaders of “Maccabi” in Latvia.

5. Latvian “Maccabi” football team before a game. Held in Helsinki, August 1939.

6. “Maccabi” in Helsinki in August 1939. Winners: Kahn, Pormans, Feldhun.

7. “Maccabees” in Latvia. Athlete Max Kahn 1938-1940