Online Learning Module and Travelling Summer School

The Baltic Jewish Heritage Study Programme (BJHSP), a unique opportunity to learn about the rich and diverse Jewish heritage that existed in the Baltic region prior to the Second World War. Initially piloted in 2019, followed by a second iteration in 2022, and now scheduled for its third installment in 2024. This program offers young professionals across various sectors including education, academia, tourism, and more, located in the Baltic and Nordic countries  the chance to visit and explore historical Jewish sites, engage with local Jewish communities, and contact with a wide range of people working on contemporary Jewish memory projects.

The programme consists of two integral parts: an Online Learning Module and a Travelling Summer School. The Online Learning Module consists of nine sessions, that provide participants with the necessary knowledge to understand the wider perspective and background of Jewish heritage in Latvia and Lithuania.

The Travelling Summer School is a six-day excursion through various towns and cities in Latvia and Lithuania, which begins and ends in Riga. Its main objective is to offer participants the chance to observe the influence of Jewish history on local culture and explore different approaches for preserving Jewish heritage and history.

The programme is designed to inspire interest, increase knowledge, and equip participants with the necessary skills for working with Jewish heritage in various settings. It comprises a diverse range of lectures, workshops, visits, and more, which combine the complementary subjects of Jewish culture, religion and heritage with history. It covers the historical, textual, and linguistic contexts of Jewish heritage. The program is coordinated and delivered by renowned organizations and individuals from Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden, who are active in academia, Jewish education, and community life.
BJHSP is an independent initiative committed to fostering a deeper understanding of Jewish history, culture, and heritage in Latvia, Lithuania, and the Baltic region.

BJHSP aims to equip participants with:

  • The necessary skills to work in the field of local Jewish heritage;
  • A wider understanding of Latvian and Lithuanian Jewish heritage and history as an integral part of the culture
    and history of these countries;
  • The knowledge of how Jewish heritage can play a significant role in addressing social challenges and promoting cultural diversity and integration;
  • Ways to utilise the rich and multifaceted sources of Jewish heritage;

The programme is co-organised by:

  • Museum “Jews in Latvia”, Riga Jewish Community
  • Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia
    In Sweden
  • Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden
  • Paideia folkhögskola

For more information about the pilot programme “The Travelling Summer School: Challenging the Past: Jewish Heritage Study 2019”  here.

In 2024 BJHSP is financially supported by Latvian Jewish Community Restitution Foundation (LEKOREF).